Taban Cosmos

Software developer | Innovator | Building Sustainable Products of the future

Greater Seattle area

Work It Sweat It & Get It

Self-motivated individual with growth-mindset.
My goal is to build an impactful and sustainable products of the future.

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Self-motivated individual with growth-mindset.
Over time I have taken product management approach to build software products but now I learning and developing the most streamedline approach to products. While doing all this, the only downside is that I am the developer too. That means things do change fast depending on how much exposed I am to the technology needed to build the products.
Work It. Sweat It. Get It.

Work Experience

Senior Technical Product Manager

GE Healthcare

Worked on cloud product aimed at internal developers.

March 2018 - Present

Application Developer


As a researcher at FileOnQ, I am responsible for researching and figuring what new capabilities Machine learning/AI will deliver into existing line of products to adequately serve clients with cutting-edge solutions. I had to learn about the ML/AI space then formulated requirements, updated CTO on the new specifications meanwhile outlining the architecture and technologies required to build the software solution. Since the product was new to that niche, there is no AB testing required.

  • .Net/Xamarin
  • Knockout
  • Web API Security
August 2017 - March 2018

Machine Learning Researcher contractor


As a software developer and a product owner at FaceForwardSoftware LLC, I built a complex software platform API that would add new capabilities to our internal data warehouse system. The new product would do things internally but increase the company's revenue in the future. With less supervision, I went from researching to formulating requirements then creating tasks of building high priority functionalities. I presented a complete MVP before the dateline with documentation.

Exploring using some of these tools

  • ASP.NET platform using C#
  • Python, C++ - OpenCV
August 2008 - Present

Software Developer Intern

ChangePoint - Daptiv

Architect/API development. Worked with team that designed the platform for Daptiv technologies using core and python. Built internal tool to analyze repos and ensure the high-quality code reviews for better error analysis.

July 2016 - Septemner 2016

Extra-Curricular Activities – Leadership

Central Washington University

Co-founder and a former president of CWU Startup. I facilitated small meetings, invited speakers, and arranged API crush course.

Our team hosted the biggest Hackathon in Central Washington. Link: Click me please

March 2015 - March 2016

Side projects and self-taught skills

Personal free time
  • Built Roomlyspace app. Click me
  • Angular4, Knockout, and React
  • Nodejs, GoLang, Python, OpenCV-Python
  • Android and iOS Development (Xamarin)
  • ASP.NET and .NET Core platform
  • Dockers Engine
  • AWS, Heroku, IBM cloud and Azure
  • Machine learning on Cognitive Machine learning (IBM cloud)
  • Machine Learning on AWS with recognition (Sample application will be hosted soon.)
March 2015 - March 2016


Central Washington University

Computer Science - Software engineering

Bellevue College

Associates - Software engineering

As a student interested in computers, I went to Hackathons where like-minded people came together and built software products. Some turned in companies. I developed my first software product using eBay API.


"Most innovative use of eBay API& Tools"


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


I enjoy working out, playing soccer, taking a walk, dancing, driving around and travelling to new places. When I am indoors, I find myself experimenting with new technologies and sometimes working on machine learning, AI, and developing mobile application projects.


“No difficulty can discourage, no obstacle dismay, no trouble dishearten the man who has acquired the art of being alive. Difficulties are but dares of fate, obstacles but hurdles to try his skill, troubles but bitter tonics to give him strength, and he rises higher and looms greater after each encounter with adversity.” - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I was born in Juba South Sudan. We fled to Kenya through Eritrea, Ethiopia and then ended up in Kenya where I grew up in a refugee camp (Dadaab camps in Kenya). We (my siblings and I) moved to the Washington state in Dec. 2008. Growing up, I was interested in mechanical things, ironsmith, and then gradually moved into Electronics. I did all these things for fun or as a hobby, and I became good at some of them. At the age 16, I was making money through all the hobbies I had picked up which also included barber and photography. Then I realized I needed to learn how to type, which led me to visit a nearby library that had only a typewriter. That was around 2006-2007. Soon the library became the place where I spent most of my free time. During my breaks in High School and even after school. That is when I realized that I enjoyed what I did. However, I had one question that was always on my mind, how do typewriters work? I was so intrigued by it and even had the wild thoughts of dismantling one of the two typewriters which used by many people at the library.

However, dismantling a typewriter wasn't allowed because it is a library product. That let me look for something new. A year later a computer center was opened by a local business owner. I went to see what the center of information technology equipment had to offer - that is what it is called, and the minute I walked in, it felt like a paradise. The moment that I realized that working with a computer was going to be my future. If you are interested in something, what do you do? You go for it, right? That is what I did. I registered for a typing class. So instead of going to the library typewriter during my breaks or after school, I dedicate my time to learn how to turn a computer on and off. Ladies and gentlemen at this period, I became addicted to computers, I mean I played with it for very many hours. Shortly, I started to learn to type with some command lines and all the directory commands to manipulate computer data and programs. We were using Windows 98 as well as Vista. One important factor that gave me an interest in computers was when one of my friends mentioned something about Bill Gates to me. You see, I have heard of that name before, but I didn't know what he did. Some friends told me Bill Gates was the richest man in the world in 2007. Rumors of Bill Gates were everywhere. I even heard that he went to Mombasa beach, Kenya and no one knew who he was. Later I learned that he was the founder of Microsoft. How did he do that, I don’t know, but I was about to learn. As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the merging of both worlds of tech and entrepreneurial skills. That is like a tortoise on steroids doing back or forward flips. Where I grew up, there were no avenues for brilliant young minds to be creative and hack on things. That is one issue I faced growing up. Sometimes I wondered what my life would be like if I was still in the camps. I didn't know that we would end up in a place like Seattle, WA where Bill Gates himself resides and the home to many tech companies like Boeing – I used to make airplanes model using cans and cars. I remember vividly when I used to ride my bike or take the bus by Microsoft campus as I went to and from Bellevue College, I had a question, "What does it take to work for Microsoft?". At that time, I didn't take it seriously until I figured out maybe trying to learn something about coding would solve this issue. Of course, that is what I did. I started to get into coding (around 2012), and it was not easy as patience was one thing I needed. To this day, I kept doing something repeatedly to get better. A lot of things has changed from back then. I worked at two or at least three minimum wage jobs for three years, and then I have finally decided that I would go the toughest route to get what I wanted, it was already tough.
Looking back, I am lucky to be where I am today and to see where I will head next in the future. The possibilities are endless. One thing I am sure about was that if it had not been for my roommates during the year of 2012, I would not have gotten to where I am today in tech. Perhaps I would have been talking about something else. The sense of urgency to seek more information about things I am interested in has not changed. A friend of mine named Andy, who was another great guy whom we created a "coding session teaching kids how to code", it was great. He then introduced me to more startup events. I started learning more about start-up for the very first time. I went to a hackathon event in Seattle in 2012 with my computer science club from Bellevue College where we met other genius/hustlers doing their thing. I was there with another smart guy called Kyle whom to me knew what he was doing, no questions. Together we wrote an application that won the best use of eBay API. I initially created the application and then got stuck trying to do something with image parsing if memory is on my side, then I showed Kyle the code. It was in the morning at around 5 am and we were a few hours away from the presentation. I left him to work on it and I decided to go on a “walk to the restroom” in which I came back around 45 minutes later and to find out that he got it figured out. I was proud of my team and myself for being able to associate myself with the best people that had more experience and knowledge than I did.
My uncle David is a someone I respect in person and with his vast knowledge of technology and more. I have learned a lot about Microsoft (Windows, word, and excel) and tech in general. He previously worked at Microsoft during the early days of the company. I am so honored to have him in my life as a mentor. I guess we both appreciate learning (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and languages) and understand new breakthroughs in technology. I have learned somethings about LED lights and even did help him changing lights in his house, and it was great being able to work with him. My Uncle is a great role model especially for looking at things he has done and how I find more interests in the things he did or does currently. When I grow up (with maturity and experience), I want to be like him.
Another person I learned something special is my boss John, the CEO of He is one of the best CEOs I have known and worked together. John is very down to earth kind of person. I took a cloud computing class with him when he went back to school to refresh his coding skills after quitting his high position of managing programmers at Microsoft to start his company. During our class, we began to chat about what I was working on (app idea which stalled) and what he was working. We liked each other's personality and interests in startups. We were both on to something great. After a while, he offered me a job as an intern at his company ArcZap. Since that time, I have learned so much from him during meetings and even just by talking about random things. He is the kind of CEO I would like to be when I get an opportunity presents itself to me.

On Saturday at 9:30 am, I graduated from CWU with computer science with a focus on software engineering. Words can't explain how much happy I am. On that day, everything seemed to come together I was getting job interviews and other pending interviews going on etc. The world is now noticing that another educated person has been added to the list of most wanted candidates with a degree. As my story goes, a college degree hasn't been on my to-do list since I was a child (Your environment is your enhancer in what you will accomplish or not). I always thought there should be a way to do what I wanted to without a degree. But the odds were not with me because, like any other immigrants that came to this country, you can't or less likely to do this without your degree. It is vital that we get this degree and then go about our ways to do what we want to achieve in life. I think this degree is a win-win achievement for me. Now I can only do much with it since I have learned so much about myself. I have learned how much I don't like doing other things (Homework sucks lol) that don't interest me and still find a way to motivate myself and get through with it. Life is dry, nothing comes in smoothly. You will need to cultivate it yourself. Getting a degree is a testimony for me and my family. Knowing that your siblings are going look up at you needs no mess ups. However, we can still make mistakes but a mistake that is repeated is not a mistake. I am sure my siblings will much better than I did. Currently, I have a sister who graduated from Bellevue, a brother who goes to Seattle University and plays basketball, and two baby sisters in high school with big dreams to go to Ivy League universities etc. Traditionally in our culture, the eldest sibling should or is required to be a good role model. I mean not just a role model but a great example of humbleness, gentleness, gratefulness, forgiving, loving, problem solver, and a good leader. This does not mean I encompass all the attributes above. But I think I am a darn good elder brother that cares and tries to be a good brother to my siblings; we understand each other well. I know you might be asking what does this have to do with being an elder brother. To some people, a degree is a test to your abilities that we sometimes think it is just limited to classroom corners and or your jobs. No, it is not just that. Your achievement should in many ways be about how you interact with your family friends, coworkers and everyone you meet.

Where I am today.
It is my proudest 7th year in the United States with my family. I currently work at ArcZap--an events private group startup company (I started since January of 2015 which makes it exactly one year now). I also started a startup club with two friends at Central Washington University, and we called the club CWUSTARTUP of which I was the president and now the vice-president for one more quarter. I also build a roommate website for searching for roommates who are currently under construction; it is called RoomlySpace: I have been active in doing all those fascinating things, and still finishing up with my computer science degree which has taken a long time. I mean long. All that matters are that, when I get out of the academic environment, I would have something great to depend on for the rest of my life. But I will keep myself close to the university scene. The journey has been a long one and hard at times. But the time I have invested is not wasted for anything because I am here with a purpose to change the world with one code at a time, one person at a time, one idea at a time, one team at a time, one place at a time, one problem at a time.

To be continued...


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